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Prefab pipe fittings

Prefab piping means the pipe prefabrication process is fabricated at Bazhou Elite pipe Factory, cleaned, painted and shipped to the installation site. These pips (Prefab Piping) are shipped with special shipping plates and Special Anti Corrosive strips. Prefabricated piping products are our new service method. It can reduce the cost and time of installation on the project site.

Pipe fitting prefabrication offers several advantages, including faster installation times, improved quality control, reduced waste, and increased safety for workers. By assembling pipe fittings in a controlled environment, it is possible to eliminate errors and defects that may occur during field installations, resulting in cost savings and improved project timelines.

Prefab pipe fittings are commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, and construction, where large quantities of standardized fittings are required. Some examples of prefab pipe fittings include tees, elbows, reducers, flanges, and valves.

Rich production technology, advanced equipment, high automation degree and high production precision, complete molding. As the designated supplier of major energy enterprise groups under the jurisdiction of SASAC, the company has won a number of national and provincial reputations.

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Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Bimetal Compound, Nickel base alloy and Other materials


Widely used in Petrochemical, Coal Chemical, Refining, Oil and Gas Transmission, Marine Environment, Power, Heating and Other projects



Molding Process

According to customer requirements, group numbers of products to pairs, support welding forming.


2000psi, 3000psi, 5000psi, 10000psi, 15000psi, 20000psi

Surface Treatment

Anti-rust Oil, Transparent/Yellow/Black Anti-rust Paint, Zinc, Hot dipped Galvanized.


No Fumigate or Fumigate Plywood/Wood Pallet or Case

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