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Flange pipe is a pipe connection method widely used to convey liquid, gas and powder. As a result, flanged piping can be used in a variety of projects and applications, including:

Industrial fields: Flange pipes are usually used in industrial processes, such as chemical processes, oil refining, paper making, pharmaceuticals, and food processing.

Construction field: Flange pipes can be used in air conditioning systems, heating systems and hydraulic systems in buildings.

Sewage treatment: Flange pipes can be used in the pipeline system of sewage treatment plants to transport and treat sewage.

Oil and gas extraction: Flange pipes are usually used in pipeline systems during oil and gas extraction.

Aerospace: Flange piping is also used in various applications in the aerospace industry, such as fuel delivery systems and hydraulic systems for rocket engines, etc.

In short, flanged pipes are widely used in various fields and industries, and can be used to convey and process various substances.

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