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A forged boss is a type of fitting used in piping systems to connect pipes, valves, and other equipment. It is typically made from a single piece of metal, usually a high-strength alloy such as carbon steel or stainless steel, that has been forged into the desired shape.

A forged boss has a threaded or welded connection on one end that allows it to be attached to a pipe or other equipment. The other end is designed to accept a threaded fitting, such as a valve or flange. It can also be used as a welding outlet, which is a branch connection that is welded onto a pipe to provide a means of attaching a valve or other equipment.

Forged bosses are used in a variety of piping applications, including in the oil and gas, petrochemical, and power generation industries. They are preferred over other types of fittings, such as cast iron or fabricated fittings, due to their higher strength and durability. They can be customized to fit specific applications, with variations in size, shape, and material.

Forged Cap
Forged Cap

Rich production technology, advanced equipment, high automation degree and high production precision, complete molding. As the designated supplier of major energy enterprise groups under the jurisdiction of SASAC, the company has won a number of national and provincial reputations.

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Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Bimetal Compound, Nickel base alloy and Other materials


Widely used in Petrochemical, Coal Chemical, Refining, Oil and Gas Transmission, Marine Environment, Power, Heating and Other projects



Molding Process

Through the forging process, using mold forming, and then through machining to complete the product processing

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